Webinar: Self-Compassion

This webinar is divided into two parts: Leo’s talk on self-compassion and Q&A part. Part I: Leo’s talk The ridiculous effect of self-compassion on our habits. Humor is important here because most of the time, when it comes to this topic, we are hard on ourselves. We learned this strategy, to be hard on ourselves, […]

Self-Compassion Overview: Advanced Track

In this video, I share a special mission that I’d like you to take on in this Self-Compassion Challenge, if you’re in the Advanced Track. Other than this mission, I encourage you to do the challenge along with everyone else, as if you’re doing it for the first time. It’s a powerful mission, and I […]

4. Video Lesson: Dealing with the Difficult Mental Habit of Complaining

I recorded this video from a question from a member about the mental habit of complaining … This member, like many people, struggles with: Complaining a lot, to deal with being unhappy with things Complaining as a strategy to soothe difficult feelings But it creates a negative mental state that they get stuck in This […]

Webinar: Self-Compassion – A Guide to Sanity & Better Habits

In this webinar, I talk about the how self-compassion is a path to sanity from all of our neuroses … and as an added benefit, it helps create better habits! I’ve broken this webinar recording into two parts: Part I – My Talk: How to create sanity and better habits using self-compassion (See notes) Part […]

Example Self-Compassion Meditations

A few members mentioned the self-compassion meditations are confusing — they don’t know what to do during the meditations. This is totally understandable. So I’m going to walk through a couple examples: Example 1: Feeling Sick Today I woke up feeling feverish, with chills and a sore throat. I noticed that I was feeling bad […]