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You Are Ready to Change

You have struggled, but you are motivated to make small changes, one step at a time.

You felt stuck, wanting to change, but never making it stick. You felt shaky about your ability to create lasting change. 

But something has shifted and you are ready to invest time and effort into making a sea change. One small change at a time, one doable step at a time.

You're ready, and you can't wait to start your transformation.

And many others: Get Active & Fit, Decluttering, Simple Living, Self-Compassion, Mindful Relationships & more

How does Sea Change work?


Every month, we challenge you to focus on one habit change


You commit to a challenge for a month and get great content every week


You get daily support from your own small team and the community


You attend live video webinars & Q&As with Leo Babauta

After a month, you’ve made progress on a new habit!

One step at a time, until you have created transformation.

One challenge every month from our ever-growing library

We challenge you to focus on one habit change every month, plus you get instant access to a huge library of video courses to help you change your life.

Popular challenges:


Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge

It's the habit we'd all like to break out of - putting off the most important things we'd like to do. Let's tackle this once and for all - no putting off this challenge!

Beautiful Mornings Challenge

The Beautiful Mornings Challenge

Highly recommended: This is a wonderful place to place your focus. A good start for your day affects everything.


The Daily Meditation Challenge

This is the fundamental habit - if you establish this habit, it will help with all other habits.


The Healthy Eating Challenge

This challenge is essential for living a healthy, happy life. It’s not about dieting or sacrifice, but about shifting to an eating style that gives us incredible nutrition and health!


The Awesome Finances Challenge

The challenge is to fully face something that’s scary for a lot of us: our finances. With mindfulness & intention.

Monthly webinar and live Q&A with Leo Babauta

Each month Leo holds live video webinar on the current challenge, and you can get your questions answered.

Small Team Accountability & Community Support

You will join our community on Slack for peer support and accountability

You also get to join your own small team of 5-7 members to get daily & weekly accountability & support. You’re not alone on this journey.

Meet Your Teacher

Leo Babauta is the creator of Zen Habits, where he has written articles read by millions of people looking to change their lives. He writes about simplicity, mindfulness and changing habits in a practical and accessible way.

Leo started changing his habits 15 years ago, and over the course of a year, he radically transformed everything about his life. He lost weight, started running and trained for a marathon, started waking early, stopped procrastinating, got out of debt, started meditating, started focusing on what was important, made room for his family.

He has devoted his life to helping people make those same changes, using proven habit methods, found in Fearless Living Academy. 

A courageous 3-part journey into building better habits, deepening into purpose, and creating more impact.

A Courageous 3 - Part Journey into Better Habits, Deeper Purpose, and More Impact

Sea Change Membership is $19/month after your free trial and you can cancel anytime from your Account page.

Monthly Challenges

Each month we post a challenge for you to try to stick to a daily challenge. You report in once a week.

A Huge Library of Content

You'll have access to an amazing Sea Change library of habit modules, with video and article lessons to help you learn each course's topic.

Sea Change Community

A community of like-minded friends to build relationships, form accountability teams, and create lasting change.

Small Team Accountability

Join a small team of 5-7 people to get the accountability & support you need to finally stick to your changes.

Live Calls with Leo

Each month, Leo will hold a live video webinar on the current challenge topic, and you can get your questions answered.

Habit Zen App

You get access to our habit app, Habit Zen, for habit check-ins and reminders.

Our Team

Coyote Jackson leads the Sea Change operations team and is here to serve the members with a fiercely open heart. He has been trained in the Shambhala lineage, is a writer & coach, and has undergone an incredible life transformation himself.

Bonus content for members only:

HabitZen habit tracking app

As part of your Sea Change membership, you have access to the Habit Zen web app (no phone app at the moment).

This is a simple app for logging and tracking your habits, getting reminders, even sharing your progress with others if you like.

Great ebooks worth $40+

Great ebooks (some exclusive) included as bonuses:

  • 52 Changes: Small changes you can make in one year to change your life.
  • Focus: A guide for finding focus on what matters most.
  • Zen to Done: A best-selling simple productivity system.
  • The Effortless Life: a concise manual for living with contentment and ease.
  •  Everything That Remains: A memoir by the Minimalists about living deliberately. 

Start creating your amazing life

with a 7-day free trial

Sea Change Membership is $19/month after your free trial and you can cancel anytime from your Account page.

Answers to Your Questions

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Yes, we require a credit card to register. Your card will be charged $19 after 7 days, and then every month after that, unless you cancel. We no longer accept Paypal.

You can cancel anytime, and if you’d like a refund, simply email us at [email protected] to get a full refund of your last month’s charge. No explanation necessary. We stand behind our program.

Using the “Account” link in the menu, you can cancel or edit your subscription anytime.

Always feel free to contact us if you have questions or problems – email [email protected]