You are worth focusing on

If you’re like me, you’ve struggled with changing your habits, and this frustrates you.

You’ve been wanting to change for awhile now, but haven’t found the motivation, the focus, or a great method for change.

I’m here to change all of that, one small step at a time.

My name is Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, and I’ve changed my entire life, gradually, focusing on one habit at a time. This method works, not only for me but for thousands of other people who have made the choice to focus on their habits, and to change their entire lives.

Sea Change is streamlined to help you do one thing: make one change at a time.

An Amazing 2016

In 2016, the membership includes one habit course at a time … two courses per quarter, with a different focus each quarter:

Quarter 1: Mindfulness
* Jan-Feb: Daily Mindfulness Practices
* Feb-March: Whole-Hearted Living: Training for the Mind

Quarter 2: Health
* Apr-May: Eat healthier joyfully
* May-June: Get active & fit

Quarter 3: Simplicity
* July-Aug: The Minimalist Way to Declutter
* Aug-Sept: Find simple focus

Quarter 4: Creativity
* Oct-Nov: Create daily
* Nov-Dec: Free yourself from fear

Try one free week (it’s $19/month after 7 days):

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Powerful tools for powerful changes

How will the program help you change your life? For each course, you’ll get lessons that help you take simple steps:

  1. A simple habit. You’ll set up a very easy habit to practice during the course, something you can do in just a few minutes a day.
  2. Lessons. We’ll give you video and article lessons to help you learn each course’s topic.
  3. Accountability. We’ll be using accountability groups in the forums — it’s a powerful way to stick to a habit.
  4. Reminders. You can set up email reminders to stick to your habit every day. No excuses!
  5. One webinar. There will be one live video webinar with Leo in the middle area of each month, on the current course topic.
  6. Daily challenges. Each day we post a short challenge for you to expand your practice that you’re working on in the course.
  7. Forum. A community of like-minded friends to build relationships, form accountability teams, and create lasting change.

It’s simple: A new course every 6 weeks (two per quarter), simple, focused, with reminders, accountability and a forum.

The 2016 courses haven’t started coming out yet, but you can participate in our current “Letting Go Challenge.”

Try Sea Change for free for a week (it’s $19/month after 7 days):

7-day trial

Bonus ebooks

We offer 8 great ebooks as a bonus for signing up for the Sea Change Program: 52 Changes, Zen To Done, the Effortless Life (all by me); Life Nomadic by Tynan; Everything That Remains by the Minimalists; Rockin’ Referrals Guide by Jason Billows; and Minimalist Training by Jason Ferruggia. Read more
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Live webinars

Every month, Leo holds a live video webinar on the current habit, giving a talk and answering member questions.

Members changing their lives

People from all over the world have made incredible changes through Sea Change. Here's what a few had to say:
  1. Salomé Dratwa, Social Entrepreneur in Ethical Fashion
    Sea Change has helped me tremendously. I now know I can start any habit I want and get going with it. If I fail I know how to get back on track. Since I started Sea Change, I've made many changes : I now run regularly (up to a half-marathon), meditate daily, eat vegan, and write more (current habit change). I couldn't have done it alone.
  2. Jeff Wolin, dad, husband, nature educator, musician
    In just a few years, I have been able to develop the habits of meditation, self compassion, exercise, eating well, yoga, music practice, and most importantly, mindfulness. Sea Change is my big instruction book for navigating life. It has helped me let go of some life long negative habits so that I can be more open, loving, compassionate, creative, and productive. The Sea Change community is always there to support you. Good people doing good things.
  3. Miranda Morris, writer
    I cannot recommend Leo’s programme highly enough. His open, gentle and non-judgmental approach will soothe and encourage you into habit changing. When I joined in January 2014 I was at a very low ebb: my self esteem was down and my procrastination up. Since beginning the programme I have been meditating, waking up two hours earlier to go for a walk, doing regular Qi Gong – all these have made me a calmer healthier person but what turned my life around was learning compassion for myself and others.
  4. Andy Crouch, arts administrator
    Sea Change gave me the concrete structure and support necessary to build new habits that I've been struggling with for years. It synthesizes all the great work that's being done on habits and productivity right now in a simple, accessible program.
  5. Jacqueline Peeler, artist & entrepreneur
    An incredible experience, Sea Change has guided me through many challenges and continues to do so. It’s helped me instill habits and adapt them to changing circumstances so that I could have in place the behaviors I need for success no matter what the circumstances. I’ve lost weight, wake early, exercise regularly, and meditate now — just to name a few. And the forum has provided a place to share the journey with people who have the same goals.
  6. Barbara, author, translator, entrepreneur
    The Sea Change Program gave me each and every day a clear reminder of what I know but tend to forget in order to keep my life simple and uncluttered, to focus on what really matters, to feel empowered. Leo has a unique way of pushing the right buttons with a flourish.
  7. Constance Cummings, career changer
    Sea Change doesn't take much time but provides little encouragements and simple exercises that only take a couple of minutes during the day.

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