In this screencast video, I go over the options for accountability in Sea Change. I *highly* recommend that you pick one or two of these options to keep you accountable for the focuses you’d like to stick to, and the courses you’re taking this year.

The options I mention in the video:

1. Sea Change Facebook group
2. Habit-focused groups on the forum
3. Find some one-on-one accountability
4. Habit Zen habit tracker

### Set Up Accountability to Support Your Habits
If you’ve picked focuses and rituals to create this year … you want to set up some structure to make it actually happen.

I recommend you create reminders, a way to review each week, and most importantly, set up some accountability.

Three ways you might do that here in Sea Change:

1. Join the Sea Change Facebook group and reply to the prompts & questions, and then post a short weekly review each Friday. Simple and powerful.
2. Join a relevant habit-focused group on the forum, and post their daily or weekly (depending on your schedule). Support others in the group as well by responding to their messages.
3. Find a one-on-one accountability partner, and set a time each day to check in with each other. Alternatively, check in with each other weekly.

These take a little time, it’s true. But you don’t have to do much … checking in once a week is all it takes. Scan the messages and reply to a couple people if you have time. Don’t read every message in the Facebook group, just some of them once or twice a week. Put into it what time you have.

If you put in the time, it will pay you back many times over, because being in this journey with others is incredibly helpful. Supporting others is one of the best ways to do this habit journey. And getting their support, having your intentions held in their hearts … that’s just gold.