As you progress with your habit, I’d like to step up your habit learning with a couple more actions today:

  1. Remove reminders: If you’ve done well with your habit so far (missed 2 or fewer days), please remove your reminders today, and try to remember your habit tomorrow without reminders. If the habit is becoming automatic, you’ll still remember. You’ll need to be a bit more conscious about it for a couple days, but see if you can go without reminders.

  2. Extend your habit: If you are able to do the habit without a reminder tomorrow, plan to extend your habit gradually by about a minute each week. For example, if you’re stretching for 1 minute, add an extra minute the day after tomorrow. If that goes well, add another minute sometime next week. You can be more gradual if you like — an additional 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds a few days later, etc. The actual numerical progression isn’t important, but learning to progress gradually is an important skill. If you’ve struggled with the habit at all, don’t extend the habit, but reduce it a bit.

  3. Submit questions: No matter how you’re doing, I’d really like it if you could take a minute to tell me how your habit is going, and submit any questions you have that I can help with, on this form. It’s painless!

I highly recommend you take these action steps.