By Leo Babauta

As you get started with the Drop Deeper into Mindfulness Challenge, I’d like to offer some tips and answers to common questions.

The first thing I’d like to say is: don’t worry about whether you’re doing it wrong, or if you’re doing it imperfectly. That’s a normal question with any practice, but as long as you’re doing it, you’re doing fine. Let go of these worries and just practice.

The second thing: focus on just getting started (if you’re doing meditation). There is very often an urge to put things off. Don’t indulge that urge. Notice the urge, then just put it to the side and get started. No Big Deal. Get your butt on the cushion — that’s all you have to do! Just start. This skill will help you with all other habits.

The third thing: if you miss a day, don’t sweat it — just start again. We all miss a day from time to time. No Big Deal. Just start again. If you let a missed day or two sidetrack you, you’ll drop the whole challenge. But instead, if you miss a day due to travel or visitors or a crisis etc. … you can just start again and there’s no problem.

Now let’s get to tips for each level of practice.

Beginner Levels

The first two mini-challenges are for those who are starting out: meditate regularly and meditate for 10 minutes.

Some tips:

Intermediate Levels

Mini-challenges 3-5 are the intermediate levels (these are rough groupings, it’s not super important if we group a mini-challenge in the intermediate or advanced levels): Get more focused during meditation, meditate a 2nd time, and notice bodily sensations during the day.

Some tips for these mini-challenges:

Advanced Levels

Mini-challenges 6-11 are the advanced levels … they’re not more important than the others, but it’s good to train yourself in the others before trying to take these on.

I’ll give general tips for all of these:

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