Awesome Accountability Teams

By Leo Babauta

Looking for an accountability team? These are new or existing teams looking for members, whose leaders recently underwent a training session and who I think will be awesome.

Review the info for each team, find the team that best fits your situation, and click the link to join!

I highly recommend that everyone in this program join a team or form their own. It’s one of the most powerful tools in creating habits in Sea Change.

UPDATE: Many of these teams are now full. But there are a bunch of member created teams over on the Teams Tab.

In addition you can always form your own team. If you need some resources to help you run your team you can check out these guides:

Group Formation Worksheet, Sea Change Facilitation Guide , Sea Change Group Policy Guide , Sea Change Leadership Questionnaire

If you’d like to be a part of a future round of leadership training: Go Here to find out more.

The Mindful Insights

The team will be about creating mindfulness as an overarching habit. We will use a mindful approach to each of the monthly themes in the Sea Change Program. At the beginning of habit formation, mindfulness is a critical element.

The team members should ideally be located in Sydney to facilitate face-to-face meetings. However, thanks to Skype location doesn’t have to be a limiting factor. Diversity and strong numbers are important.

In terms of commitment, we’re looking for a sincere commitment to mindfulness and a genuine desire to collaborate towards the team goals. A commitment to building a strong team culture is important.

Team Members Needed: 7

Ideal Meeting Times: Mondays 10 am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) / Sunday 3pm PST / Sunday 11pm GMT

or Sundays 4 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) / Saturday 9pm PST/ Sunday 5 am GMT

Contact Ash to Join

More Info

Clutter Busters!

We focus on decluttering while having fun. And we love encouraging each other!

Have a look at our team page:
This will give you a good idea of what we are about!

We have team members from all over the world. Some are regulars, some just drop in and join us for a day or a month, and that’s just fine with us. No commitment asked.

Team Members Needed: This is an open team and anyone is welcome to join. No need to ask if you can join: just jump in!

Ideal Meeting Times:We don’t have meetings so the forum is our way of keeping in touch and motivating each other. And it works well: we celebrated our 1st anniversary on December 4th!

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Calling All Musicians!

Team Members Needed: We have 3 active members and a fourth who just posted once. Me, Unmoisenhabitude, and Girlwithwings.
I would welcomes 4 more members, for sure.

Ideal Meeting Times: tough because I’m in NYC, Unmoisenhabitude is in France, Girlwithwings is in Australia and travels like crazy on gigs. We haven’t had a meeting but I’ll admit I haven’t tried to set it up.

Team Policies: it’s been really loose. we encourage each other to practice and/or play our instruments as consistently as possible, have goals, post regularly.

More Info

Mindful Changes
For people who are interested in changing their lives, acquiring new habits, while remaining mindful of their path.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times: 4-5 pm EST / 7-8 pm Brasília / 9-10pm GMT


Gentle and Conscious Parenting

This team is for people who care for children (parents or other caregivers), no matter where they are at in that journey. We will work to form habits that support being more gentle, respectful, and conscious in relationship with the young people in our lives.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times: Meeting Tuesday or Wednesday 8:30 p.m. CST / 2:30am GMT


Dust Bunnies Anonymous

Note that the Anonymous refers to the dust bunnies you’d accumulated, NOT you!

Those of us in recovery from the addiction of acquiring and hoarding have been on the left end of the normal curve in terms of clutter behaviors. Consequently, they require additional awareness and redirection towards more sustainable skills and habits.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times:
Sundays between 07:00-11:00pm UTC/GMC or 11:00am – 3:00pm PST
Mondays between 09:30-12:30 UTC/GMC or 1:30 pm – 4:30pm PST


Infused with Inspiration

It seems that once a person as described previously hits critical mass, there is more space available for better experiences to flow towards them.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times:
Sundays between 07:00-11:00pm UTC/GMC or 11:00am – 3:00pm PST
Mondays between 09:30-12:30 UTC/GMC or 1:30 pm – 4:30pm PST


Team Hatch
This team will be made up of working people looking to hatch new creative habits and lives. The goal of the group will be to put dreams into action. We will actively pursue new habits and keep each other accountable along the way.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times: Most of the interaction and accountability will happen through online discussions, but meeting on a regular basis can really accelerate and establish commitment to the team.

Ideally, team members would be available at least twice a month for a phone or videoconference on Saturday & Sunday am or Sunday p.m. PST (Saturday 3pm – 8pm or Sunday 3pm – 5am Monday Morning GMT )


Team Yamas
Originally, a four man group, we are two left that have kept in regular contact, both on the forums and through Skype. We normally follow the modules, but are open to any suggestions from team members.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times: We are currently on the schedule of meeting on Skype at Monday 21:00 GMT (1:00PM PST) We are open to suggestions but anyone willing to meet at these times would be best.


On The Go
We are a small group that supports each other using an open and ongoing communication line via the GroupMe group messaging iOS/Android/Web app.

We connect at least once a week to review progress and as needed throughout the week for support/feedback.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Currently 3 members, looking for 2 more.

Ideal Meeting Times: We text on and off between 7am – 8pm PT / 3-4am GMT


Embracing Sea Change for 2014
If you are serious about making a change in your life in 2014 this group can give you that extra help. A high commitment is required for this group as 3 check ins per week are required.

Team Members Needed: FULL

Ideal Meeting Times: Mondays 7.30 -8.00 EST (USA) / 12am GMT on Google


Team Clarity

Team Clarity is a team for those focused on improving members lives by through making small changes and creating healthy habits. We will focus on the modules suggested by Leo each month. Members make commitments to living simply, de-cluttering and meditation. The goal of course is to find more clarity and contentment in our lives.
Starting in 2014 we will be doing a google hang-out meeting each Sunday.

Team Members Needed: FULL
Ideal Meeting Times: Sunday


Agents of Change

This team is about helping each other choose a life of intentional living and supporting each other to make the changes needed so that each individual is living the life they were meant to live.

We are looking for team members who are committed to regular participation in the calls and to supporting one another. The leader is in the Midwest region of the United States but is open to others from outside that area.

Team Members Needed: 6 – 8

Ideal Meeting Times: (5:00pm – 9:00pm Central Standard Time or 11:00am – 3:00am GMT)

Thursday evenings would be the ideal meeting time for this group, but we can pin point an exact time and day once the group starts to form.