Awesome Finances Challenge

The challenge this month is to fully face something that’s scary for a lot of us: our finances. It’s a topic that many people want to turn away from — but this month, we run no more.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

This week, we set up the challenge and start sorting through the messes we’ve bee putting off. And we take a quick assessment.

Week Two:

This week, start taking action to create awesome finances, including forming a plan and a Power Amount to start changing things. Optional: Read my experience getting out of debt.

Week Three:

This week, continue sorting & organizing, and read what you need to know to nail the savings and investment habit. Optional: Watch the worries & obstacles video, and read about why Awesome Finances is worth the trouble.

Week Four:

This week, create structure for your Awesome Finances, read about more about investing. Optional: Video on automating finances.

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