September: Uncover Your Awesomeness Course

What is the Sea Change Challenge?

The Sea Change Challenge September Subforum

  1. Uncover Your Awesomeness Course Overview
  2. Why Self Unhappiness Leads to All Other Problems
  3. Why We’re Unhappy With Ourselves
  4. Learning to Accept Our Bodies
  5. External Sources of Happiness
  6. How to Change Bad Habits
  7. Fantasies and Expectations of Others
  8. How to Find Happiness Within
  9. Live Webinar: Leo Babauta on uncovering your awesomeness (recording and download).
  10. Writers & Bloggers Seminar: Leo Babauta on beating resistance. Recording now available.

October: Uncover Your Awesomeness Course

  1. Falling in Love With Ourselves
  2. How Not to Get Sucked Into the Emotions of Others
  3. Don’t Tie Your Self-Worth on Others’ Actions
  4. Webinar: Leo Babauta on Radical Self-Acceptance (recording available).

November: Uncover Your Awesomeness Course

  1. 8 Techniques for Self-Acceptance
  2. We Are All Learning
  3. Discover the Awesomeness of the World As It Is
  4. Learn to Respond, Not React
  5. How to Become Whole in a Relationship
  6. How to Trust Yourself to Change Habits
  7. Webinar: How Unconditional Self-Acceptance Changes Everything (recording).