Beautiful Mornings Challenge

Highly recommended: This is a wonderful place to place your focus. A good start for your day affects everything.

Challenge Overview

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Go to the #beautiful-mornings channel

Week One:

Get started with the Beautiful Mornings Challenge: read the overview & guide to starting. Optional: watch the video lessons for a deeper dive.

Week Two:

In this 2nd week, dive into the deeper Why of creating Beautiful Mornings, and finding deliciousness in the morning. Optional: Read the articles on focusing on your Most Important Task, and answers to some common questions.

Week Three:

This week, read the article on creating a mindful sacred space, and watch the video on a lovely morning routine. Optional: watch the video on overcoming obstacles.

Week Four:

In this final week, read the article on expanding, and then the article on how to continue. Optional: watch the video lessons on your Most Important Task and what to avoid in the morning.

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Spend a day with each of these training articles to truly understand the training