By Leo Babauta

In this bonus webinar on mastering habit change, I give a talk on what it means to master habit change … and what habit change really is.

Here’s a spoiler: it’s about self-learning.

It’s about learning things like:

To succeed at this self-learning process, it helps to:

  1. Have the right attitude – of self-learning, not perfection
  2. Redefine success – learning and mindfulness, not rigid habits
  3. Learn mindfulness, trust, motivation, commitment, watching urges
  4. Learn how to adjust your environment to make the habit likely to succeed
  5. Build a regular review so you can learn and adjust

The Talk on Habits as Self-Learning Labs

Watch the video below of my talk (I put the questions & answers into a separate video below), or download the video or just the audio.

The Questions & Answers

In this longer video, I answer your questions on habit problems, including:

Watch the video below of the questions & answers, or download the video or just the audio.