By Leo Babauta

OK, you’ve committed to doing something you love every day, and even chose one or more things to do that you love doing … awesome!

Now you just have to make it happen.

It’s easy to commit to something like this, but just a tad harder to actually do it every day. Things come up. Excuses arise. Interruptions and distractions and emails start flooding in.

The answer is that we have to impose our will upon our lives! Seize the power to make things happen, even just a little bit, and create what we want in our lives!

You can do this.

The first step is to imagine that it’s going to happen, and that there is no other possibility. You are absolutely certain that you’re going to do this thing you love. There is no uncertainty, no choice, no doubt, no arguments, no rationalizations excuses or justifications, just pure certainty.

The second step is, armed with this wonderful certainty, to block off the time. Pick a time of day that you can make the space, and block it off on your calendar. Tell others about it so they’ll know and maybe even remind you. Put a note somewhere so that you won’t forget. Create a reminder on your phone. Do whatever it takes to make sure that this happens.

The third step is to create the space by eliminating or pushing back other things. Is your day already busy? Cancel meetings, push back some tasks, reschedule appointments. Watch less TV, read less online, use social media less, don’t go on Youtube or Netflix or news sites or whatever your favorite distractions are. Socialize just a little less. Turn off your phone and clear out distractions. Use an internet blocker if you need to. Or get away from your computer and be totally disconnected, so you don’t get pulled away by other things that want your attention.

And finally, when the time comes, allow yourself to be fully in this activity you love. You made this time, now use it. Make this appointment unmissable, but also something that is filled with love and joy. Be fully present with it, do it slowly instead of rushing through it, and open up to it with all your heart, instead of looking at it as something you need to be done with. Push into the deliciousness of the uncertainty, and savor this time you made for yourself.

Be fully in love with this moment, as a gift from the gods.