recipe: chickpea & goats cheese salad

chickpea & goats cheese salad

Editor’s note: This recipe is from Jules Clancy of Stone Soup.

chickpea & goats cheese salad
serves 2

Chickpeas are easily one of my favourite foods. Apart from their wonderful flavour, I just love that the canned version tends to taste better than when I make the effort to cook them from scratch. A true food for the people!

1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 can chickpeas (400g / 14oz), drained
large handful flat leaf parsley
100g (3.5oz) goats cheese
handful raw almonds

1. Combine lemon and 3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil in a medium bowl. Taste. Season.

2. Toss chickpeas in the dressing.

3. Coarsley chop the parsley and toss into the salad.

4. Scatter over crumbled cheese and almonds.

leftover potential?

Keeps well in the fridge for a week or so. The parsley will wilt a little and the almonds will lose their crunch, so best if you can add them at the last minute.

variations for fun

carnivore – skip the goats cheese and serve as a side salad to grilled beef or lamb.

vegan / dairy-free – replace the goats cheese with an avocado, flesh scooped into chunks. Serve with a wedge of lemon for extra kick.

different leaves – replace the parsley with a few handfuls of washed salad leaves.

higher protein / dairy-free – replace the goats cheese with a few finely chopped hard boiled eggs.

warm salad – heat chickpeas in a frying pan before tossing in the dressing.

different legumes – replace the chickpeas with pretty much any other canned bean or lentil.

nut-free – replace the almonds with finely diced celery for a brilliant nut-free crunch.

problem solving guide

too dry – splash in some more oil and lemon.

prefer to cook your own chickpeas? – Soak overnight and then drain and simmer until chickpeas are tender. Anywhere from 45mins to 2 hours. You’ll need 250g (1/2lb) cooked chickpeas for the salad.

too bland – season with a little more salt.

serving suggestions

Great as a super quick lunch or dinner on its own. Also lovely as a side salad with roast or BBQ lamb, chicken or beef.