The Little Book of Contentment Page

By Leo Babauta

This is a resource page for readers of my free book, The Little Book of Contentment.

More resources will be added soon.

Download the Book

You can download the book for free in several formats:

Please note that you shouldn’t download this book unless you plan to:

  1. Set aside an hour to read this book. Not put aside, but actually read it. Close everything else on your computer and give yourself an hour of undistracted time to read this book.
  2. Put the method into action. Immediately.
  3. Practice the skills daily, just a few minutes a day. In a short time, you should have some basic skills that help you to be content, less angry, less stressed out.

More Reading

Other things I’ve written on contentment:

Other good reading:


There are no videos here yet, but I plan to create some. Check back later!


I like these quotes on contentment: