By Leo Babauta

It’s time to start our Courageous Self-Discipline Challenge … and we’re going to start small, but with deep commitment.

This first week, we figure out one thing we’d really like to be committed to doing (writing, for example).

Then we set that commitment to ourselves (and publicly).

Finally, each day, we practice setting an intention to uphold that commitment and getting started doing that. All you have to do is start.

Let’s look at both of those parts: setting commitment, and then setting an intention and starting.

Making a Deep Commitment

The key for this week is to make a small commitment, but make it deeply.

The mistake a lot of people make is to make a huge commitment, but only be half committed. Have you done this? Probably dozens of times!

Instead, this week, we’re going to make a small commitment. And be all in.

Some examples of small commitments:

You get the idea. A small commitment.

But made deeply.

How do you make a deep commitment? Start with understanding why this is important to you: is this a loving act for your health? An act of service for those who you care deeply about? A way for you to find yourself? It should come from an important place for you. Take a minute to sit with the commitment and ask: would you walk through walls for this?

You can gauge how deep this is by asking: would I tell the world that I’m going to do this? Would I be willing to put a good amount of money on the line, to show my commitment? Do I feel this deeply in my gut? Does it feel as important as a love one to me? Now, some of these might be an exaggeration, but they come close to how it should feel to be deeply committed.

Take a minute today to think about what small commitment you’d like to make, and ask yourself why it’s important. Can you commit to it deeply?

Then go on Slack and make that small, deep commitment on the #discipline-challenge channel!

Daily: Set an Intention & Start

Making the commitment is only a part of it. We’re going to solidify it by actually taking action.

It’s going to be a practice, each day. Practice for discipline in our lives.

Here’s what you should be doing each day:

It’s that simple. Practice all week, my friends.