The Minimalist Way to Declutter

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This course will consist of:

  1. 2 lessons per week (mostly video lessons)
  2. Daily 10-minute declutter sessions
  3. Weekly reviews
  4. A video webinar with Leo
  5. Daily challenges on the forum (optional but recommended)
  6. Questions about the course can be asked on the forum

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Lesson 4: Why We Have Clutter

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Standard

You’re facing a house full of clutter — actually, a *life* full of clutter — and you might wonder: “How did I end up with all this stuff?” In this lesson, we examine this very important question.

Lesson 9: Dealing with Non-Minimalist Loved Ones

Length: 18 minutesComplexity: Standard

In this lesson, I talk about the very real problem of having other people in your life — not everyone will be on board with decluttering and simplifying. Let’s look at how to deal with this difficulty.