Create Daily Challenge

This is an amazing challenge for anyone who wants to create: writing, music, art, crafts, or anything that involves sitting down & focusing. The habits created here help with many other habits.

Challenge Overview

Commit on the Slack channel for this challenge

Go to the #creativity channel

Week One:

Start our challenge by reading the overview & diving into the Week 1 article on creating the space. Optional: Video lessons on making a vow and finding your why, and getting better at creating.

Week Two:

This week, dive into the Week 2 article and watch the video lesson on focusing on starting. Optional: Watch the video lesson on starting with small chunks, and read the article on prewriting.

Week Three:

This week, dive into the Week 3 article on expanding your practice, and the video lesson on mindful creating. Optional: Video lesson on Morning Pages (which are awesome!) and the article on self-compassion.

Week Four:

Wrap up the challenge with the Week 4 article on joy & play, and the video lesson on continuing your habit. Optional: Video lessons on obstacles and habits that help creators.

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Go Deeper

Spend a day with each of these training articles to truly understand the training