Create Daily Challenge

This is an amazing challenge for anyone who wants to create: writing, music, art, crafts, or anything that involves sitting down & focusing. The habits created here help with many other habits.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

Start our challenge by reading the overview & diving into the Week 1 article on creating the space. Optional: Video lessons on making a vow and finding your why, and getting better at creating.

Week Two:

This week, dive into the Week 2 article and watch the video lesson on focusing on starting. Optional: Watch the video lesson on starting with small chunks, and read the article on prewriting.

Week Three:

This week, dive into the Week 3 article on expanding your practice, and the video lesson on mindful creating. Optional: Video lesson on Morning Pages (which are awesome!) and the article on self-compassion.

Week Four:

Wrap up the challenge with the Week 4 article on joy & play, and the video lesson on continuing your habit. Optional: Video lessons on obstacles and habits that help creators.

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Go Deeper

Spend a day with each of these training articles to truly understand the training

My Writing Routine & Tools

I’m often captivated by the writing routine and tools of other writers — it gives me inspiration and ideas to try. If it works for them, maybe it’ll work for me too. So I thought I’d share a little bit about how I write, for those who are looking for an example of a daily writing routine (and the writing tools you might use).

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Dealing with Perfectionism

In this lesson, we talk about dealing with perfectionism, which is something lots of us struggle with, that stops us from taking action and creating and moving towards our dreams.

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Video Lesson: Working with Love & Gratitude

This lesson is about working with love and gratitude, as corny as that might sound … it’s an incredibly useful technique not only for writing and creating, but for any kind of habit or difficult work task that you might face.

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