By Leo Babauta

This month, we’re going to form the habit of creating every day. It’s going to be fantastic!

Today I’m going to share the bare minimum plan, just to get us started.

1. PICK ONE: First, pick one kind of creating:

Or whatever you feel like doing … just pick one to do all month.

2. SET ASIDE A FEW MINUTES EACH MORNING: We’re going to start out with just 2 minutes a day. Seriously, we’re going to keep it super easy for the first week. In the second week, we’ll make it 5 minutes a day if all went well the first week … then 10 the third week, then 15 the fourth week.

But there’s no need to expand the amount of time for the habit if it seems at all hard. Each step of the way, it should feel super easy.

For now, just set aside a few minutes a day. I suggest the morning, but if you work better in the evening and are absolutely sure you’ll do it then, you can do the evening.

That’s the whole plan! We’ll add a few details in a couple days … for now, just pick a creative habit, and set aside a few minutes to do it (starting on Nov. 1).

Get yourself psyched and ready!