By Leo Babauta

This week, as we get started with the Create Daily, I’d like you to have one focus: just start.

Why? Because the Create Daily habit doesn’t happen at all without starting. In fact, you could say starting is the only habit you’re forming this month.

We’ll go into other aspects of creating as we go through the month, but let’s not worry about any of that. Just start.

Why is starting writing (or other creating) more important than writing for a certain amount of time (say, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes)? Because it doesn’t matter how long you want to create, if you don’t start. Once you form the habit of starting writing, then you can increase the length. But in the beginning, you’re just trying to form the simple habit of: trigger-starting. That’s all.

So how do we do that?

It goes like this:

  1. Your trigger happens. This might be waking up, having coffee, doing yoga, whatever. Set your trigger. When it happens, be very conscious of doing the next step.
  2. You remember to do the habit. Once this becomes a real habit, you won’t need to remember. But in the beginning, you have to remember to do it. So set up reminders in any way you can (physical notes are best).
  3. Start creating. You’ll feel some resistance at first, but do everything you can to start. Make this your complete focus. It doesn’t matter how long you create, or how much or how well, or what the output is. Just start creating.

Of course, the 3rd step can be a challenge for many people, so let’s look at ways to overcome this challenge.

Tips on Getting Started

If you find it difficult to even start, here are some things that work for me:

Just start — that’s all you have to do to be successful today. You don’t have to create for a full 5-10 minutes. Just start. Once you get started, you might want to do more, and that’s OK, but it’s not a requirement.