By Leo Babauta

As you get started with your Create Daily habit, I’d like you to consider why you’re creating the habit.

What is your intention? Does this reason feel important to you, connected to one of your deeper purposes? For example: is this a compassionate act for yourself, allowing you to express yourself and find your creativity? Is this a compassionate act for others, inspiring them or helping them with their lives? Are you doing it for the world, helping people to empathize, imagine new possibilities, or see things from new perspectives?

Understand your reason, and set an intention — how you do your creative habit will be influenced by your intention for that habit.

Now make a big commitment to yourself — be all in, and vow not to let yourself down. You’re making this vow because of your deeper purpose.

Write this vow down somewhere you can see it each day, and honor yourself by sticking to this vow to your utmost ability.

Finally, when you’re about to start your habit, pause for a moment to remember your intention for the habit. Reconnect with it, and let it infuse your creative pursuit.