Creating Long Term Habits

Learn how to create habits that take a long time, for example: learning a new language, running a marathon, weight loss, financial transformation.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

Start our challenge (after watching the overview) by watching the video on choosing a habit vision, and do the homework. Then you can watch the video on Structure and choose into some structure for yourself.

Week Two:

This week, we’ll focus on two key elements for long term habits – accountability and reflection. Watch the videos, and do the homework laid out. Use the Sea Change community and your small team for accountability!

Week Three:

This week, we’ll work with the times when we inevitably go off-track, we’ll practice with that. Watch the video on coming back on-track, and work with the practice of internal motivation.

Week Four:

As we look forward beyond the end of this month’s challenge, we practice some key skills – compassion for ourselves, learning from missteps, and setting ourselves up for continuing.

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