Creating the Habit of Meditation Mini-Course

  1. Please read first: Mini-course introduction
  2. Article: Meditation for Beginners
  3. Article: Meditation Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Video: How to Meditate
  5. Article: What to Notice as You Start Meditating
  6. Interview: Susan O’Connell, Zen priest and vice president of S.F. Zen Center
  7. Expert videos: What Meditation Is and Isn’t, from NY Times best-selling author Susan Piver.
  8. Expert article: The Chocolate-Covered Path to the Moment, from David Romanelli of Livin’ in the Moment.
  9. 1st Live webinar: Recorded webinar now available.
  10. 2nd Live webinar: Recorded webinar now available.
  11. Article: Dealing with Disruptions in Your Routine
  12. Article: Where to Go Next