Daily Meditation Challenge

This is the fundamental habit – if you establish this habit, it will help with all other habits. Start small – just 2 minutes a day!

Challenge Overview

Commit on the Slack channel for this challenge

Go to the #meditation-daily channel

Week One:

Get started with the Meditation Habit: read the overview & plan, and watch the video lesson. Optional: the advanced plan.

Week Two:

In this 2nd week, watch the video lesson on checking in with yourself, and read the article on what to notice. Optional: an article on remembering, and answers to common questions.

Week Three:

This week, watch the videos on breath meditation and staying present. Optional: articles on working with what you find, and dealing with obstacles.

Week Four:

In this final week, watch the video on developing openness and read the article on where to go from here. Optional: video on mindfulness in daily, the article on expanding, and the bonus video with Zen priest Susan O’Connell.

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