The Daily Reflection Session: Toss Your Expectations

By Leo Babauta

The Daily Reflection is the anchor habit of this month’s module, Toss Your Expectations Into the Ocean.

Because we’re focusing on a thinking habit that occurs all day long, we’re going to need an anchor habit that we do every day, that’s easier to remember than “all day long”. This session is a practice zone where we can focus on this thinking habit and carry what we learn to the rest of the day.

But how do you do it?

Let’s first talk about the logistics of the session, then get into what you actually do during the session.

When, Where, How

The details of the Daily Reflection:

What to Do

Sit still, with no distractions, and simply reflect on your day. What were the difficulties you had? Were there frustrations, anger, sadness, irritations, fear, procrastination?

What expectations did you have in each of these situations? Did reality match up with your expectations in these cases? What effect these expectations had on you. Were they helpful? Did they cause frustration or stress or procrastination?

Now picture yourself gathering these expectations together into a bundle, and tossing them into the ocean, watching them float away.

That’s it. A simple practice for a few minutes each evening (or morning), which will help when we expand this practice into the rest of your day.