By Leo Babauta

Yesterday, I asked you to get started by figuring out why decluttering this month is important to you. Today, I’d like you to make a small 2nd step: make the time.

Too often people say they’re going to take on a new course, but then put it off because they don’t find the time. This is the number one cause for failure to do a course: we don’t make the time.

So today, you’ll overcome that significant obstacle with a very simple step: you’re going to block off the time on your calendar.

Just 10 minutes a day.

This is your Decluttering Time, and it’s every day this month.

What time will you set aside for decluttering each day? Decide now, and mark it on your calendar. If you don’t habitually use a calendar, write it on paper and put it somewhere visible. Either way, set up reminders in whatever way will definitely work for you.

How will you use this time? First, you’ll spend a few minutes reading through these short decluttering articles. Then a few minutes decluttering one space. You can go longer than 10 minutes if you’re moved to do so and have the time, but you don’t get any bonus points for going longer, nor should you make that a goal.


For advanced users (see yesterday’s article on Advanced Declutterers), if you have the time, feel free to set aside 15-20 minutes. If this might be an issue for you, please just set aside 10. Beginners should not set aside more than 10 minutes.

Take Action

Please take a couple minutes right now to block off 10 minutes on your calendar and set reminders each day. Make this a big priority this month or it won’t happen.