Declutter Challenge

There is an incredible peace that we can achieve if we declutter our home and work spaces. This challenge is about getting that process started and moving into a life of simplicity.

Challenge Overview

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Go to the #declutter channel

Week One:

This week, start by reading the getting started article and watch the video lesson on the Declutter Session. Optional: Watch the video on Why Declutter and read about dealing with feeling overwhelmed.

Week Two:

This week, go deeper into how to start, then read the Week 2 article on making progress on large areas. Optional: Watch the video on dealing with clothes and personal items, and read the Basic Declutter Principles.

Week Three:

This week, read about dealing with papers & photos, and watch the video on a Deliberate Life. Optional: Watch the video on sentimental items, then read about emotional items and the maybe box.

Week Four:

This final week, read about going beyond this challenge, and dealing with others’ clutter. Optional: Read about enjoying the habit and changing your putting away habits.

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