We’re entering Week 4 of our Courageous Self-Discipline Challenge … and whether or not you’ve had some success, this week we’re going to play with the idea of joy in discipline.

Self-discipline can be seen as a harsh, serious thing … but can it instead be seen as joyful? Let’s explore!

So you sit down to do an important task. You try to commit yourself to it, reminding yourself of why it’s important. Maybe you close everything else so that you won’t be tempted to run to distractions.

You sit here … and it feels heavy. Strict. Tough. Overwhelming. Maybe scary.

That’s because we are resisting the task, not wanting to move into its uncertainty, not liking this kind of restriction. We are looking at it as a burden, a chore, a constriction. No wonder our minds want to avoid it!

What if, instead, we found something to be grateful for? We found a little deliciousness to savor? We found joy in the doing, in the progress, in the moment?

Some ideas for this practice, which is entirely yours:

These are just a few ideas — can you find other ways to be joyful?