By Leo Babauta

If all is going well, you’re committed to the Grounded Challenge (if you haven’t, sign up now!) and practicing our first method of mindfulness with your difficulties.

Let’s talk about evolving that method. If you’ve practiced the first method for at least 5-6 days, you have a good solid foundation of mindfulness now. If not, keep practicing, you can do this!

With a good foundation of dropping into the body and staying present with whatever is coming up, without judgment and with gentleness and curiosity … you can play with other possibilities. Not that you have to — the first method is enough for the whole month, and for the rest of your life. But there are other things you can try as well.

Some possibilities to try this week, once you’ve practiced with the basic method:

These aren’t the only possibilities, but I do suggest trying at least one of these. They are all amazing practices! Try one for a few days, then if you’re so moved, you can try another. At any time during this challenge, you can practice any of these methods, or just come back to the basic method.

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