If you’ve been in the Sea Change Program for awhile now, and have seen some good shifts in your habits … congratulations! But you might be wondering, “What’s next?”

The next step for people who have gotten a lot out of Sea Change is the Fearless Living Academy.

Before I tell you more about Fearless Training, let’s talk about Sea Change. It’s designed to help you if you’re struggling with habits, if you want to form some foundational habits like waking early, meditating, exercising, eating healthy, and so on.

If you’ve gotten some of those foundational habits down (you don’t have to be perfect), you are ready to dive deeper.

That’s what the Fearless Living Academy is for. It’s for diving into the habitual patterns that come up for us when we put ourselves into uncertainty. Especially the uncertainty of our meaningful work.

It’s about:

If that sounds like the deeper training you crave, or you’re curious about learning more, I encourage you to try it out:

Fearless Living Academy