If you’ve been in Sea Change long enough to establish a few solid, foundational habits … you might be ready to deepen into further training.

We invite you to train with us in our Fearless Training Program.

We believe you should consider moving to the program if you:

If this is you, we’d like you to move on to the Fearless Training Program.

How It Works

The training consists of:

  1. Getting clear on what your meaningful work is (even if it’s diving into mindfulness or health for yourself)
  2. Getting clear on who you’re devoted to — your big Why
  3. Creating structure for practicing with the uncertainty of doing this work — including working in monthly goals/focuses with weekly check-ins
  4. Creating accountability using a community we’ve formed on Slack (including small teams of members supporting each other)
  5. Daily training sessions and weekly reviews
  6. Training content from me (articles, videos, calls, guided meditations, depending on what level you sign up for), and
  7. Support from me and others on the Slack community


Join us. Be a part of this mission, do the training, and change the world.

Check out fearless training