Financial Habit: Review Regularly

By Leo Babauta

The final key financial habit that should be formed over time, to get a strong hold on your finances, is a regular review.

Let’s say you’ve been getting your debt payments under control, and have started saving, and basically have gotten started in the right direction. This is amazing, but finances don’t just go on autopilot forever. You need to review.

Why do you need to review regularly? A few reasons:

Finances are reglarly in flux, so a review is smart. However, it doesn’t need to take long or be difficult.

Here’s what I suggest:

Don’t make this into a big deal — if you think it’s difficult, you’ll dread it and will put it off. If you just see it as a regular, easy thing (as simple as checking Facebook and Twitter and email), then you can knock it off your list in a few minutes and feel good about how things are going.