By Leo Babauta

So what will you actually be doing during this month of Awesome Finances? A few different things, but the basic unit of this month will be the 10-minute Daily Awesome Finances Session.

During this daily session, you can do the activities we’ll be recommending: taking a simple assessment of your finances, making a plan, taking steps to execute the plan, reviewing how things are going.

That might sound like a lot of things to do, but in practice it should be fairly simple. Take 10 minutes out of your day to do one or two things related to your finances, and you’re done!

I’ll be giving you some recommendations for things to do in your daily session, but for now, I’d like you to do just one thing:

ACTION STEP: Take a minute now to choose a time for your daily 10-minute session. Set phone/computer reminders and post a visual reminder somewhere where you’ll see it during that time (a note saying “awesome finances” posted on your refrigerator, for example). And reconfirm your commitment to yourself to do these sessions each day of the next month!