By Leo Babauta

It’s really amazing how reading, watching and hearing about the stories of others can inspire us to change.

As a writer, there are times when I get discouraged, lose focus, get bored … but reading interviews with other writers, or articles or novels by great writers, can inspire me to start writing immediately. It’s lightning, able to energize you and power your change.

The trick is finding the lightning, and capturing it when you find it.

Inspiration works for any kind of change, by the way — not just writing. I’ve used the inspiration of others to help me lose weight, quit smoking, start (and keep) running, run my first marathon, get out of debt, and more. These days, my trouble is too much inspiration! Sometimes I have to resist doing something just because I’ve read an inspiring account of someone else doing something really amazing.

So use inspiration to keep you motivated throughout whatever change you’re working on.

Where to Find Inspiration

Some good places to look for inspiration:

Harnessing the Inspiration Regularly

Once you’ve found places to get your inspiration, you’ll want to incorporate it into your change on a regular basis, to keep yourself motivated and fueled.

Some ideas: