Sea Change Forum Policies

Our community is made of awesome members who encourage and support each other. The following “good conduct habits” come naturally to the vast majority of you, making this a great community!

  1. Above all: Be kind. Be civil, be constructive, be respectful, have fun. Avoid editing while you’re in a bad mood: it does spill over.
  2. Respect the confidentiality of what is shared. Whether the sharing takes place in an accountability group or in the forum, treat the discussions with confidentiality and respect. That applies also after you’ve left a group. Be the person everyone can trust!
  3. To get a better perspective, ask yourself: “How would I feel if someone said that to a person I love who can’t just “brush it off?” If you’d find that unacceptable, then don’t say it.
  4. Not acceptable: Flaming, ranting, attacking, accusing. Harassment of another member can result in your account being suspended. No racial slurs, sexist, homophobic or transphobic remarks, no spamming, you know the drill!
  5. If others misbehave: In general, be understanding and non-retaliatory in dealing with incivility. Report to the moderators if there is an ongoing problem that you cannot resolve.
  6. Reporting posts to moderators: If someone is attacking you or blatantly violates our forum rules, the Report button is the best way to get our attention. It issues the post to the attention of the entire moderation team and we will deal with it.
  7. Respect the moderators. They spend their spare time to assist and improve the Sea Change community. Disrespectful behavior includes ranting and insulting behavior. Be constructive instead!
  8. Moderators editing posts. Please keep in mind that we will edit posts to be more community-acceptable should we come across comments that rate highly on the offensive scale or blatantly violate the forum rules.
  9. Warnings and suspension. We reserve the right to suspend a member who violates the letter or spirit of these rules from this community after warning them first. This community needs to feel safe and troll-free for all members.

Again: keep it fun, be kind, and have a good time.