Making Your Tasks Funner

Post written by Leo Babauta.

How do you beat procrastination when the task you need to do are difficult, boring, pure drudgery?

Normally I suggest finding things to work on that excite you more, but sometimes that’s just not an option.

If you have to do a tedious task, make it funner.

(Yes, I know that “funner” isn’t’ a word. But it should be.)

Here are some ideas for making boring tasks funner:

  1. Play some upbeat (or alternatively, relaxing) music.
  2. Dance as you do it.
  3. Create a serene environment that allows you to enjoy being there.
  4. Have tea as you work. (Or wine, if you’re not at work.)
  5. See how quickly you can get it done.
  6. See how much you can get done in 5 minutes.
  7. Make it a game, with points for doing certain things. Level up after so many points.
  8. Create a challenge with someone else who has to do the boring task too.
  9. Challenge yourself, publicly, with a good reward if you make the challenge, and a penalty if you don’t.
  10. Do it with someone else, and have a nice conversation as you do it.
  11. Do it in spurts of 5-10 minutes, with a timer, and allow yourself to go on websites you enjoy or to play games you enjoy for a few minutes as a reward.
  12. Be creative, and challenge yourself to find your own ways to make boring tasks funner.