The Get Active & Fit Challenge

One of the most common goals is to get active and fit. We’re not aiming to get you buff, just to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Challenge Overview

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Go to the #diet-and-fitness channel

Week One:

This week, start by reading the important steps for the challenge, and watch a video on making exercise a regular habit. Optional: Read the advanced challenges if you are already active.

Week Two:

This week, watch the video on focusing on the start and finish, and read about the importance of play. Optional: watch the video on how to create long-term success.

Week Three:

This week, read about bringing mindfulness into our challenge, and about procrastination in exercise. Optional: Watch the videos on your story about exercise, and common obstacles.

Week Four:

This week, watch the video on facing the resistance along with top tips and where to go next. Optional: Read the Get Active Habit FAQ.

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Go Deeper

Spend a day with each of these training articles to truly understand the training