By Leo Babauta

Today, let’s finish our prep for the Get Active habit by committing to doing the habit each day at a certain time. We just need to make 5-10 minutes of room in our schedules — let’s make it happen!

I’ve found that even if you have the best of intentions to form a new habit, you won’t actually do it unless you’ve committed to it at a certain time. And then set reminders.

So here’s your two small actions for today:

  1. Commit to doing your fun physical activity at a specific time during your day — it can be different activities, but you should have some time set aside. Just 10 minutes max! Will you do it when you wake up, after breakfast, at lunch, when you get home, when?
  2. Set a reminder to go off at the time you plan to do the playful activity. Better yet, have a physical reminder or two (like sticky notes or your running shoes or jumprope) somewhere you definitely won’t miss it when the time comes to do your new habit. Examples: yoga mat next to your bed so you’ll do some sun salutations when you wake up, or your bike helmet in your entryway so you will see it when you go home and then go for a ride. Or a big note next to your kettle or coffeemaker. Don’t let yourself forget!

Just two actions. Do them now!