Get Organized Challenge

We all know the feeling of being scattered, unfocused, messy, and late. This challenge is about finally getting our stuff together! And being on time.

Challenge Overview

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Go to the #get-organized channel

Week One:

Start our challenge by reading the overview & plan, then optionally diving into tools and the video on principles.

Week Two:

This week, we’ll focus on creating the habit of putting things in their proper buckets. Read the Week 2 article, and go deeper with the videos.

Week Three:

This week, we’ll expand our practice to physical things, while continuing previous practices. Read the Week 3 article, and go deeper with the videos.​

Week Four:

This week, for the most part, we’re simply reinforcing the previous habits. But also if you’d like, we’re going to practice being on time.

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Go Deeper

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