Gratitude & Letting Go Challenge

These two practices, of being grateful for what we have and letting go of what’s not serving us, are incredibly powerful. Play with these transformative mindfulness practices and keep coming back to them for life.

Challenge Overview

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Week One:

This week, we’re going to focus on letting go of struggles. Read the Week 1 article, and articles on the daily habit and why letting go is important.

Week Two:

This week, we’ll focus on letting go of possessions. Read the Week 2 article and the article on seeing through our stories. Optional: Read about the gratitude habit and the things we hold onto.

Week Three:

This week, we focus on letting go of needs. Read the Week 3 article and practice the gratitude meditation. Optional: Read about distractions and a gratitude list.

Week Four:

This week, we’ll focus on letting of wishing things were different. Read the Week 4 article and the article on practicing with life’s troubles. Optional: Read the article on gratitude for when you’re feeling down.

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