By Leo Babauta

In the webinar video, I answered a number of member questions, shared my experiences with a recent southeast Asia trip, shared my new minimalist experiment …

And I gave a talk about:

  1. What are we not grateful for?
  1. What does that leave? The essentials:
  1. What frustrates us?
  1. What about Resistance? Where do we find it?
  1. How to use Gratitude to deal with frustrations

When someone does something in a way we don’t like — first use the Warm Hand method (compassion, warmness, get relaxed)

Then shift mindset from “why can’t they do it my way” to:

When something doesn’t go our way — shift mindset from “why can’t this be different” to:

  1. How to use Gratitude to deal with resistance

Pause and notice the resistance, and see what it is we are resistant to, and what we wish things could be.

Learn to trust that you’ll be OK in discomfort.

Watch the webinar video below or download the video here to watch on your device. You can also download the audio of the webinar.