The path to transforming your life, one habit at a time, is not fixed in stone. There’s no one way to do it. In fact, as many people who have been through Sea Change … that’s how many paths there have been.

That said, choosing a path can be filled with uncertainty. So we’re going to guide you with some recommendations, and then ask you to choose your path yourself.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Start with a question: Imagine your life a year from now, completely transformed. What changes do you see? What old habits have you dropped? What new ones have you formed? What does this life look like, and what habits helped it to get like that? Reflect on this and write a short answer in the form below.
  2. Start with a victory: Every new Sea Change member is encouraged to start with the Beginner’s Habit Program, which you should do for about a month (or a month and change, if you’re starting mid-month). This will set you up with the fundamentals of habit change. And it will start you out with a victory, as we suggest you start with a very easy habit.
  3. Set up a foundation: After the Beginner’s Habit Program, the first habit challenge we recommend is the Meditation Habit Challenge. This habit is fundamental to all other habit changes. If you get into the mindfulness habit, you’ll be better at bringing awareness to your other habit changes. You can’t do the other habit changes without this. Note: If you are already a practiced meditator, you can probably skip this, unless you haven’t been meditating regularly lately.
  4. Build on the foundation: From the Meditation Habit Challenge, you can build on the mindfulness that you bring and continue to build a strong foundation. There are several foundational habits we recommend, though you don’t have to do all of them right away: the Beautiful Mornings Challenge helps you create a great start to your day; the Unprocrastination Challenge addresses the mental habit of wanting to put things off (including putting off your new habits); and the Self-Compassion Challenge deals with the harshness and self-judgment that most of us use to sabotage our positive life changes. This trio of fundamental habits will give you such a solid foundation with the Beginner’s Habit Program and Meditation Habit Challenge, you’ll be ready to transform your life!
  5. Now create some beautiful new habits: From here, you can pick any number of other habits … from Healthy Eating to Get Active & Fit to Decluttering. There’s also Simple Living, Create Daily, Learning & Reading and more! But we also recommend that you join the current challenge as soon as it lines up with your path. To help you line your habit path with the current challenges, look at this list of challenges for this year.
  6. Then drop 1-2 habits: Once you’ve created 6-8 new habits, you’ll be ready to drop a “bad” habit. This is a more advanced skill that you should only tackle once you’ve done a number of successful new habit changes. Once you’re ready, you’ll understand things like triggers, motivations, urges and more. What bad habits would you like to drop?
  7. Your path is all yours now: At this point, you can set anything in your path. Join us for the current challenge, as it’s always powerful to do it with the entire community.

As you can see, this is a bit of a “choose your own adventure” … but with some strong recommendations to get you started. Again, join the community in the current month’s challenge as soon as you’re able, but only after you’ve done the Beginner’s Habit Program and Meditation Habit Challenge and any other foundational habits that feel right for your path.

Map out your habit path by filling out the form below — you’ll get a copy emailed to you.

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