As part of your Sea Change membership, you have access to the Habit Zen web app (no phone app at the moment).

This is a simple app for logging and tracking your habits, getting reminders, even sharing your progress with others if you like.

Here’s how it works …

Signing In

To sign in, you don’t need a new login — you can just log in using your Sea Change login. In fact, if you’re already logged in here in the Sea Change site, you’re good to go with the Habit Zen site.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the small “Sign in with Sea Change” link at the bottom
  3. If you’re already logged in with Sea Change, you don’t need to actually log in … but if you’re not, just enter your usual Sea Change login.

And you’re in!

Logging Habits

To start, click the “Add new habit” button on the top left, and get started!

We recommend you just start with one habit, and slowly add as you build them.

Each day, simply come here and click the check box. If you forget to do that, you can click on the habit and choose a previous date to log, up to a week previous.

On the main Habit Zen screen, you’ll also get tips every couple of days for forming habits.

Individual Habit Pages

If you click into a single habit, you’ll go to the page for that habit:

On this page, you can see your streak and other information about this habit, and log previous days. You can also write a log each day if you like:

The log will be displayed on this habit page, as a way to track notes about how things have gone. Highly recommended.


There’s a statistics tab on the left, that brings you to the stats page:

The stats shown here are for one habit. At the top of the stats page, you can scroll through your habits to see stats for each one.

Email Reminders & Public Sharing Link

Two more simple but powerful features:

  1. Email reminders can be turned on to be sent each day, at the time you choose.
  2. You can turn on a public sharing link (off by default) where you can get a link to share in your small team channel on Slack or with your friends and family.

We recommend you use Habit Zen to track your habits, to encourage yourself, to get accountability and reminders, and to see your progress over time.

Start now:

Habit Zen web app