Healthy Eating Challenge

This challenge is essential for living a healthy, happy life. It’s not about dieting or sacrifice, but about shifting to an eating style that gives us incredible nutrition and health!

Challenge Overview

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Go to the #healthy-Eating channel

Week One:

This week, start with the overview and habit plan. Optional but recommended: articles on why you should eat a healthy diet, and what a healthy diet might look like.

Week Two:

This week, read the article on flexible habit change, and watch the video on creating a meal plan. Optional: video on creating a great environment for change, and my favorite healthy meal!

Week Three:

This week, focus on mindful eating, and watch the video on social eating. Optional: video on the joy of cooking, and a healthy breakfast.

Week Four:

This week, finish by watching the video lesson on our relationship with food, and read about adjusting the habit. Optional: video on emotional eating, and also creating healthy dinners.

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