Introduction: The Read More Module

By Leo Babauta

I’ve been a life-long, avid reader of fiction, since I was about 9 years old.

Well, mostly. Though I’ve always loved reading fiction, there are some months when I don’t read much. I get distracted by the Internet, and so there are times when I refocus myself on reading.

What I’ve learned is that you can absolutely develop the reading habit, with a little bit of conscious focus.

In this intro, I’ll talk a bit about why we would want to read more, and what stands in our way, before we go into the how in the Read More module plan.

Why Develop the Reading Habit

To be honest, reading isn’t necessarily better for you than other great habits, like yoga and exercise and meditation and drawing.

But I think it’s a great habit anyway, and I recommend it to anyone, for a lot of reasons.

Just a few of those reasons:

These are only a few of the reasons to read, but they’re a good start. Books open up worlds of possibilities, and they’re worth spending time with.

The Obstacles to Reading More

So if reading is so darn great, why don’t we all just do it more?

Well, obviously there are some things standing in our way, including:

With those in mind, let’s think about what it would take to overcome these obstacles and form the reading habit … we’ll do that in the Read More module plan!