July: The Unprocrastination Course

Week 1

  1. Overview: What is Procrastination, and How Do We Tackle It?
  2. Getting Started with the Course
  3. Course Action Plan: Four Habits
  4. The Art of Choosing Important Tasks
  5. Building Awareness of the Procrastination Urge
  6. Video: Dealing with Guilt of Procrastinating
  7. Cheat Sheet: Procrastination Causes & Cures
  8. Video interivew: Entrepreneur Jesse Jacobs, owner of Samovar Tea Lounge, on getting things done

Week 2

  1. Expert interview: Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Workweek, on procrastination
  2. Setting Up an Unprocrastination Environment
  3. Video interview: Tynan, on doing what you don’t want to do
  4. The Art of the Start
  5. The Pause — how to stick with your task
  6. Webinar: Leo Babauta on mindset. Recording here.

Week 3

  1. Expert interview: Dr. Neil Fiore, author of the best-selling book, The Now Habit, on Forming ‘The Now Habit’
  2. Beating the Fears that Cause Procrastination
  3. Motivation to Beat Procrastination
  4. Pretending to be Productive
  5. Simplifying: When You Have Too Much to Do
  6. Making Your Tasks Funner

Week 4

  1. Expert interview: Scott H. Young, author of Learn More, Study Less, and How to Change a Habit
  2. Expert interview: Ali Edwards, author, artist, designer, master scrapbooker
  3. Dealing with Email, Social Networks, and Other Online Tasks
  4. Feeling Tired, Lazy, Stressed, Overwhelmed
  5. When Resistance Has Kicked Your Butt for Years
  6. Webinar: Leo Babauta on long-term unprocrastination habits. Recording now available.

Bonus – Week 5

  1. 3 Amazing Ways to Finally Get Your Book Written
  2. 14 Ways to Get the Energy for Important Stuff
  3. Q&A: Answers to Procrastination Questions You Submit During the Course
  4. Unprocrastination Tools Screencast