By Leo Babauta

In June, I hereby challenge you to join me for a 30-day Learning Challenge!

What is that, you ask?

It’s simple: our Sea Change module for June will be focused on the habit of learning/studying, and the challenge will be simply doing a study/learning session every day for 30 days in June.

You’ll sign up (starting on May 30) for the challenge by entering your name (and what you want to study) on a form, and then I’ll display all challengers’ names on a page on this site. Then every day in June (or as close as you can get), you’ll do a 10-minute study session.

What will you study? That’s up to you.

This is the time to focus on learning that thing you’ve always wanted to learn!

I’d like you to take a moment now to consider what that might be.

Some ideas:

As you can see, I’ve only scratched the surface, but I can’t possibly list all the things you might want to learn. About two thirds of those have been on my list for most of my life!

We’re not going to master any of these skills in 30 days, but after a month, we’ll be a lot farther along than we are now.

And most importantly, we’ll learn about effective learning techniques … and start a learning habit that just might last a lifetime.

Decide now what you want to learn!