By Leo Babauta

This month we have focused on (fairly short) daily learning sessions, to build up the habit of learning. We’ve talked about some effective learning methods and if all has gone well, you’ve incorporated a few of them in your learning sessions.

So how has this month gone for you? I’m guessing that if you’ve been relatively consistent, you’ve learned something. You haven’t mastered it, but you’ve made progress. And you’ve started to develop (or improve) your learning skills.

And what’s next?

I highly encourage you to take this challenge beyond the 30 days of this month, and continue your journey. The learning has only just started, to be honest, and that’s an amazing thing: we get to explore beyond this starting point! We get to go deeper, to go broader, to take our skills and understanding to a new level. Wow. We are lucky people, no?

Here’s what you might consider:

Whatever form your journey takes beyond this month, I encourage you to not just drop what you’ve learned. At the least, maintain what you’ve gained by revisiting it monthly, and when the time and interest allows, go deeper now and then.