By Leo Babauta

OK, let’s start the 30-Day Learning Challenge!

We’re going to start simply: just pick a time for your daily learning session (10 minutes, or more if you like) and set a reminder.

We’re going to evolve how we learn during this learning session, with some articles and videos over the next two or three weeks, but for now let’s just get started.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Learning space: What space is most conducive to your learning? For me, a quiet, comfortable place is a good idea. If there are other people in your home or office, you might ask them to leave you undisturbed during your sessions, maybe even put on some headphones if that helps. There’s no “perfect” space, however, so just find a spot.
  2. Learning materials. For most of you, everything you need to start learning is probably online. If you’re learning guitar or woodworking or gardening, you can find articles and online videos. If you’re learning about history, it’s online. There are French and Japanese lessons online, for free. Yes, there are also books and classes and software and DVDs you can buy, but I highly recommend starting with the free stuff.

That’s it! Make sure you set reminders, and let’s get started!

More to come in the next couple of days.