By Leo Babauta

OK, we’re in the middle of Week 1 of the Mastering Habit Skills module!

Let’s do a quick review … you’ve been working on these habit skills:

  1. Choosing a habit.
  2. Creating a simple plan.
  3. Creating reminders.
  4. Creating accountability.

If you haven’t worked on these, or haven’t started your habit yet, don’t fret! Get started as soon as possible. These skills can be worked on at any time, and if you’re behind, you’ll always have a chance to do the work.

Today, let’s talk about another skill: logging the habit.

Why Log the Habit

If you’re not having trouble with the habit, you don’t need to log it. However, it’s a great practice for all habits, because:

  1. It feels good to see your progress over time, as you take small steps each day.
  2. You’ll be able to see how you’re doing, and take steps to correct your course if you’re not doing well.
  3. You can note any obstacles or learnings as you log, so you’ll learn more over time.

Those are all excellent benefits, and worth the two minutes it takes to log each day.

How to Log

The skill of logging is actually a habit that you have to remember at first, but that gets more automatic with time. Yes, that means you’re forming multiple habits — the habit you’re working on for this month, but also the habit of logging and staying accountable, and more. That’s one of the biggest reasons I recommended you do a very, very easy habit this month.

Here’s how to log the habit:

  1. When your habit is finished, go to your log and log it immediately.
  2. You can use a paper notebook, a text document, an Evernote or Google Document, a dedicated habit app like Lift, or your Sea Change accountability group’s daily accountability threads. I recommend the groups in addition to a simple document (I use Evernote).
  3. Log your habit with the date, along with any notes if you have any: 12/2 – stretched for 2 minutes (felt good!)

That’s it’! If you’re logging it privately (not in an accountability group), share your log periodically with your accountability partner, group, or your friends. You might do this once or twice a week, to stay accountable to them.


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