Meditation Mini-Course

Welcome to the Creating the Habit of Meditation Mini-Course! The focus of this course is simply to help you form the habit of meditation.

It is not an in-depth course on any one form of meditation, and in fact we will be using a very simplified form of meditation that I’ve developed for myself, that I think is perfect for beginners. It’s based on Zen meditation but is less formal.

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Our Daily Meditation Habit

During the month, we will be forming the daily habit of 5 minutes of meditation. Every single day, if at all possible.

Don’t worry — if you’re busy, you can still do this. All you need is 5 minutes. If you can’t find 5 minutes, just 3-4. Or just 2 minutes. Make the time!

Each day, after you do your habit, you will log your habit on either a calendar or a spreadsheet.

By the end of the month, you’ll have a new habit.

Some first steps:

1. Pick a time to do your new habit. When will you do your 5 minutes of meditation? I recommend doing it in the morning, before you start working or checking email. Pick a trigger — something already in your morning routine that you do every single day, such as drink coffee, wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, use the bathroom, etc.

2. Make a vow to do your habit every single day, immediately following your trigger. No excuses!

3. Each day, go to the calendar or spreadsheet, and log 1 or 0 (1 if you did the habit, or 0 if you didn’t) for that day’s date. If you forgot to log for a day or two, you can still fill in 1 or 0. But try to log daily, right after you meditate.

If you follow these steps, at the end of the month, you’ll have a new meditation habit!

Meditation Mini-Course: Week 1