By Leo Babauta

Over the years, I’ve enthusiastically (OK, sometimes with trepidation) started habits in the morning. Dozens, probably.

Sometimes they go well, other times, not so much.

What I’ve found through my experimentation is that the setup and mindset I use at the start makes a big difference, to a disproportional degree. Meaning, if you put a lot of effort into starting right, you’re going to get a lot of benefits, and raise your chances of getting it to stick.

Let’s talk about some of the things that work in those two areas — mindset and setup. Just know that you don’t have to do everything here — these are the things I’ve found useful, but as always, your mileage will vary.

The Setup

There are a million ways to set up a new habit, but for morning habits, here are some things I’ve found to help my success:

Your Mindset

Even more important than how you set up the habit is the mindset you approach it with.

Here are some things I’ve found to work well: